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Important New Cardiovascular Applications

Cormedics platform technology has important new applications in electrophysiology, pericardial effusion, atrial fibrillation, ventricular closure, high frequency ultrasound (HIFU), stem cell and drug delivery.

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intrapericardial technology

Intrapericardial Therapy

Unlike conventional methods that treat the heart systemically and therefore involve all the body’s organs, intrapericardial therapy selectively treats heart disease by accessing the pericardial space using the minimally invasive PeriPort® device.

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PeriPort device

Simple, Targeted, Minimally Invasive

Intrapericardial approaches provide low risk, targeted access to the whole-heart for simple, effective and minimally invasive surgical delivery of a variety of therapies…compared with risking laceration with a bare Touhy needle.

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Uniquely Effective Therapeutic Delivery

• For pericardial effusion and drug delivery
• Regeneration with a proprietary stem cell delivery system.
• Therapeutic guidewire delivery for electrophysiology, atrial fibrillation, ventricular closure, and HIFU applications.

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Cormedics develops novel, disruptive technologies that selectively treat heart disease by using the a minimally invasive device, the PeriPort®, to access the pericardial space.